Sunday, February 7, 2010

La Gloria Pizza Bar (Moema)
Av. Macuco, 685

Although it's a pizza bar, La Gloria isn't just about pizzas. This restaurant that has it all -- good food, beautiful bar, and terrific ambiance.

The place is beautiful. This restaurant has a RETRACTABLE roof. Seriously. On a cool evening, the roof opens up to the residential skyline of Moema. Not extremely beautiful, but an ambiance that makes you feel urban and neighborly at the same time. Plus, when the wind blows just the right way, it's almost better than air-conditioning.

I love an open kitchen. It makes me feel a little safer to know that my food is being prepared for everyone to see...I watched pizzas being made in their wood ovens all night long from our upstairs table.

The food was good, too...surprising in a place that could get away with below-average tastes. The pizzas are fresh, the dough is spot-on. There are other options, too...but besides the bruschetta (huge, and lots of of variety on one plate) and the fried calamari, we didn't need much else to keep us satisfied.

Go for the roof, come back for the food.

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