Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bles D'Or (Moema)

Bles D'Or

Rua Tuim, 653


Cute little patisserie that makes you feel like you are in a Hollywood movie....about Paris. Nice selection of baked goods, delicious homemade breads (including whole wheat baguettes), and a tempting menu that touted 35-real sandwiches. I don't know what 35 reals could buy in a sandwich, but it's worth a visit back to find out. (Not everything on the menu was as expensive.) Go when there's good weather, because the patios are beautiful. Awesome photos (even in the bathroom), and beautiful decor, too. (I was especially impressed by the trash can in the women's bathroom. Very clever and classy.) Nice selection of gourmet cheeses, and beautiful looking desserts. My friend, Cristina, goes there all the time and LOVES it.

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