Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cristallo (Vila Madalena)

Rua Wisard, 179
Vila Madalena

Janhavi and I ducked into this coffee shop/bakery to get out of one of Sao Paulo's summer rainstorms. I was just in the mood for some coffee, and she was hungry for a bit more. The place is actually kind of sterile and modern...not as comfy as I usually like my coffee shops...the black and white sleek decor was actually a bit of a turn-off.

Best things: Colher chocolate (chocolate spoons!) with your coffee and low-fat cappucinos.

Worst things: The staff let street kids in the store to bother patrons. There was some weird jam on Janhavi's sandwich. The decor.

In the end...with so many cute cafes in VM, I probably wouldn't stop in here again.

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