Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Blue Pub (Bela Vista)

The Blue Pub (Bela Vista)
Alameda Ribeirão Preto, 384 - Bela Vista

I read about this place online and it's only a few blocks from my apartment (on the Centro side of Paulista), so there was really no excuse not to check it out. What really interested me were two items on the menu: Chili Cheese Fries and Buffalo Wings. Both did not disappoint! The Chili Cheese Fries were absolutely delicious...beans and meat (not too spicy, but just spicy enough to satisfy the "I need some different flavors in my life" craving) with deliciously and perfectly melted cheese, all on top of tasty fries. It kind of reminded me of "wet fries" with gravy. It's a huge plate...makes a good appetizer or a good meal for two to share.

The buffalo wings were tasty, too. Nothing like the States, but a really good effort...huge plate of wings and drumettes, with an accompanying tangy bbq sauce. The only thing missing was celery and bleu cheese. Again, a good appetizer or big enough for two people to share (or one hungry guy to have by himself!)

The Blue Pub itself is small...there are darts and a pool table. It's nothing too fancy, but a good place to satisfy that "American Bar" craving and have a cold beer. I will definitely be back.

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