Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aska Lamen House (Liberdade)

466 Rua Galvão Bueno

I love this place for many reasons...One, it's the only place in Sao Paulo I even know to go to for a bowl-o-Japanese noodles. Two, it's cheap. You can get out of there, stuffed, for 20 Reais. Three, it's delicious. Four, once you get a table (you could wait 30 minutes-1 hour!!), it's really quick!

I also love the rules on the front of the's such a small restaurant by Brasilian standards that they are like Japanese restaurant czars about their seating and eating policy. I wish I had taken notes...but things like...if you are two people, sit at the counter, not at a table; on the weekends, you might have to share a table; only one refill of broth (but not on the weekends or holidays), and some other weird stuff I have never heard of in a restaurant, but I think is standard for Japanese restaurants?

The menu is not really that understandable if you are not Brasilian or Japanese, but I really don't think you can go wrong with any of it! The guioza is delicious (some of the best I have had in SP, I think), and Mary K. told us how to create the best dipping sauce...1 part soy, two parts vinegar, and a little bit of the hot stuff. It made all the difference!

This is a place to frequent, if you don't mind the wait and rush...because the big bowl-o-noodles will keep you full all day long. :)

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