Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bistro da Sara (Bom Retiro)

Bistro da Sara
Rua da Graca 32
Bom Retiro
no website

Would a restaurant by any other name be as delicious? I have to admit, I might have a SLIGHT bias towards loving this little restaurant b/c of the name (spelled without an -h and everything!). Regardless, it's a little gem in a sketchy hood, and I love it.

Sarah and Bill first took Pedro and me to this small bistro (I am not sure what makes a bistro a bistro, but this is definitely a bistro) on a downtown weekend outing back in October. Since we live in Morumbi, it truly was an outing for us...considering that the nearest metro is Luz Station. I don't remember being particularly impressed the first time I was there...I mean, I remember it being good, but nothing spectacular. I think I just didn't know Brasilian food then, and I didn't have a concept of what "good value" in this city. And for 30 Reals/person, this is the best deal in the neighborhood.

The buffet itself is beautiful (as is the cute little restaurant...not a lot of space, but used creatively and brightly painted), with its beautiful bowls and multi-level presentation. It's the little things that make a difference, no? Especially when you are eating a buffet. There are cold and hot dishes...on my last visit, the most memorable taste was homemade root-vegetable chips, bean salad, and brisket on the bone. You can also order grilled meat, but, honestly, who needs it? There are about 15 different choices on the buffet already! Make sure you save room for the grilled pineapple and banana for dessert, though...served with cinammon and honey, it's the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

I can't wait to go back.

Notes: Last time I was there, only debit cards were accepted. Not sure, but I think you can bring your own wine.

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