Sunday, March 29, 2009

O'Malley's (Jardins)

Alameda Itu 1529

The strangest thing...Cristina, Janhavi and I went to watch the Michigan State vs. Louisville game here today. I thought for sure that it would be crowded with Americans wanting to watch the Elite Eight. Guess what? We were the only ones there for the game! I was in shock...are there no American college basketball fans in SP?

Well, besides that fact that I had a financial interest in who won the game (I've got money in the March Madness pool at work), it's the Chicken Tikka Masala that got me back to O'Malley's. A few months ago, we went there for Mary's birthday and discovered the R$23 HUGE plate of flavorful goodness and yellow rice. Clearly, O'Malley's is not an Indian restaurant, but they do a decent job with it...and the fact is, it's nice just to taste some FLAVOR in your food once in a while...Brasilian food just doesn't have that kick that a good curry can give you.

Cristina ordered a veggie wrap...her big question was "Where are the veggies?". Janhavi and I also ordered a Blue Bull wrap...steak strips with bleu cheese, lettuce, and some kind of sweet chutney. It was good, despite the fact that the cook thinks it necessary to put mayonnaise on the tortilla to "glue" it together. Or for some other reason, of which we're not quite sure.

Don't miss: The homemade potato chips. Reminiscent of Terra Chips from the States. Delicious.

Oh, and as far of the rest of the bar...pretty waitresses who really aren't that smart. They don't serve beer in the right beer glass, and not all of the beers that are on the menu are actually ON the menu. I think it's a strange place, but it has served its purpose when we've needed it.

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