Monday, March 23, 2009

Tadashii (Morumbi)

Rua Jamanari, 40 Panamby (Morumbi)

It's Japanese, it's sushi, it's a 40 Real Rodizio. In short, while it's not the BEST sushi place I've been to in SP, so far I've been there twice and it's been consistently good. A little more expensive than the typical all-you-can-eat, but worth it b/c the place is nice and the fish tastes just a little fresher. The menu is huge, and you even get dessert with the rodizio. There's a pretty patio, too.

Still not sure what the girls in the Japanese dresses DO exactly, but they're fun to watch. And there's a unnervingly high waiter:patron ration...odd.

In Janhavi's and my opinion, it's the best sushi you can get on this side of the river.

Opens at 7. Closed Mondays

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