Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black Dog (Jardins)

Black Dog
Alameda Joaquim Eugenio Lima, 612
Various Locations

Quite possibly the most interesting hot dog I have ever had. Still trying to decide it if it was delicious or disgusting. In my defense, I really only ate at Black Dog because it is situated on Eugenio Lima, where I really wanted to scope out some buses that pass by there. I was specifically looking out for the 669A, which goes straight down Santo Amaro from there. Unfortunately, there wasn't a parada (stop) there like I thought, but it was still a thrill to see the bus go by, knowing that I don't have to walk all the way to Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio to catch a bus to Moema. But back to the dog.

Here is what comes on the dog:
Two hot dogs (your choice of regular, spicy, soy, or chicken), sliced open. Vinaigrette. Cheddar cheese. Corn. Mayonnaise. Requeijao. Crispy potatoes. Parmesan encrusted mashed potatoes. Chopped tomatoes. Oregano.

The best part? The bread. And the parmesan-encrusted mashed potatoes. Surprisingly gourmet and delicious. Not disgusting! All of the other stuff...well, I admit I fore-went the mayonnaise and just seemed that it would be tooooo creamy....and gross. I only got a mini, and I didn't eat the whole thing. And I just don't get it...who thought of of putting it all together like that???? I know who. Drunk people.

Black Dog is open 24 hours for a reason...and the "praia" of bars across the street are probably what keeps this particular location in business. I'll definitely take my drunk friends here. And they will love it. And they will be soooo Sao Paulo. :)

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