Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Frevo (Jardim Paulista)

Rua Oscar Freire, 603
Jardim Paulista
Multiple Locations

This fancy lanchonete is famous for its roast beef beirute sandwich...and sandwich in a pita. I went for the classic, the first thing on the menu. Simple...just pita bread, roast beef, melted cheese, tomato and oregano. The whole sandwich is toasted in the oven. In my opinion, and could've been just the night we were there, it was nothing special. In fact, it was really dry and I needed to put hot sauce and ketchup on it to give it some taste. It was disappointing.

However, the burger...specifically the cheeseburger with grilled onion that I split with Janhavi...was one of the best burgers I have had in Sao Paulo. The bread is soft and fresh, and the meat is tasty...the onions were grilled just right, and the burger seemed to literally melt in my mouth.

We also ordered fries for the table..fresh and just right blend of soft and crisp. And everyone ordered fresh juices, which were sweet and cold and really hit the spot. Strange thing, though...only Coke and Guarana on the soft drink menu.

I will dreaming about the burger tonight...and I think I will try to find a better beirute somewhere else.

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